• Hygienic PPE Dispensers

    Safely and hygienically provide face masks in our wall mounted PPE Vending Machines. Choose from either FREE Vend, Token or Coin Operation.

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  • Dispense Products Safely

    Have you considered the health and safety implications of issuing free sanitary products in open containers? Avoid these by using one of our hygienic wall mounted dispensers.

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  • Offering Free Sanitary Packs?

    Our complete range of wall mounted vending machines can be configured to dispense free towels and tampons in a hygienic and friendly manner.

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  • Introducing the Duo Curve

    Beautifully designed vending machines, our eye-catching range complements other appliances in the washroom.

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  • Free Pampers with our new Nappy Vending Machine

    Ensure your washroom caters for the needs of parents and their children with our stylish new nappy vending machine. What’s more, we’re giving away FREE Pampers Nappies!

    Nappy Machine with FREE Pampers
  • E-Mini Electronic

    Introducing our dual column, compact, robust and versatile vending machine. A cost effective alternative to mechanical vending machines.

    Discover the E-Mini Electronic
  • E-Mini Nappy Vending Machine

    The perfect hygiene solution for baby changing facilities, with a compact design to maximise space. Enjoy the features of our other multi-vend machines, but at an even more competitive price.

    Discover the E-Mini Nappy Vending Machine
NEW Dual Column E-Mini Electronic
Washroom Vending Machines

Browse our extensive range of washroom vending machines. Choose from electronic and mechanical machines with a variety of finishes and capacities and all at competitive prices.

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Electronic Nappy Machines
Electronic Nappy Vending Machines

Introducing the eye-catching dual column, Duo Curve Electronic Nappy Vending Machine. Fully stocked with FREE Pampers Midi and Maxi Nappies.

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Duo Curve Vending Machines
New Duo Curve

Meet our stunning new range of curved, ABS Plastic Vending Machines, available in both Electronic and Mechanical models.

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Electronic Vending Machines
Electronic Vending Machines

A new product development within our vending machine range. Including innovative electronic technology and unique design to complement other washroom appliances.

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Mechanical Vending Machines
Mechanical Vending Machines

Stylish wall mounted vending machines suitable for dispensing a variety of hygiene products and retail packs. Quick and easy to install, minimal maintenance, no contracts or energy costs.

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Period Poverty
Period Poverty Vending Solutions

Our range of Locwil mechanical machines can be configured for coin, token, free-vend or any combination of these options. A perfect solution to Period Poverty vending.

Period Poverty Vending

Manufacturer of Washroom Vending Machines

We are a UK based vending machine manufacturer supplying high quality Mechanical and Electronic Vending Machines for the Workplace and Public Facilities. Our machines are predominantly used to dispense washroom products in facilities across the UK and abroad.

We manufacture innovative and forward-thinking vending machines, that supply cost-effective hygiene solutions and retail opportunities for our clients.

Both our machines and vending products are available for worldwide delivery, and we welcome international clients.

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