About Secure Vending Systems Ltd

Formed in 2010, we’re a relatively new company with an innovative approach to design and customer service. However, our foundations are solid – we’re born from an established heritage of providing reliable and cost-effective vending machines to many well-known clients.

Our founders have gained extensive experience (30 years, no less) within the industry, and their passion for pioneering design and responding to market needs led to them forming Secure Vending Systems Ltd. With this respected pedigree behind us, SVS and our unique range of products and services was born.

Our team are driven to stay at the forefront of manufacturing design, and take pride in their attention to solving customer needs – we’ve become the go-to company for providing washroom and hygiene vending machines.

Our determination to develop and extend your vending prospects has led to two new electronic vending machines, allowing you to sell a greater range of products at a higher price point.

Whether you wish to dispense your own products, or would like to utilise one of the many machines we currently offer, we’re available to provide you with the assistance you need to start your exciting vending opportunity.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.