Sanitary Vending Machines

Our sanitary vending machines allow you to provide your customers with essential feminine hygiene products when needed the most. We can supply low cost products or re-package branded products such as Femtex, Always, Tampax or Natracare.

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Our electronic vending machines provide on-board configuration of multiple coin denominations in your chosen currency.  This allows for greater flexibility with product pricing and a higher maximum vend price. Power is provided by a battery pack that lasts for up to 2 years using power saving technology. Low power indicators warn you when it’s time to replace the pack and a backup battery ensures your coin configurations are not lost.

Our mechanical sanitary vending machines are more affordable and do not require a power source. These allow for a single coin denomination in your chosen currency.

All of our vending machines can be customised with bespoke graphics to ensure they sit well within their chosen environment.