Electronic Washroom Vending Machines

Our electronic vending machines are our most versatile, accepting multiple coin denominations and providing pricing and coinage adjustment directly on-board.

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A more advanced electronic coin mechanism allows for a wider variety of coin denominations. This provides greater flexibility for product pricing and also enables a higher vend price to be set.

All configuration of pricing and coinage can be done via the on-board control panel. This offers greater flexibility without the need for the unit to be returned.

Power is provided by a long life battery pack, simplifying installation and avoiding additional expense. A unique, battery-extending sleep function enables a battery life of up to 2 years. With sold out and low battery indicators it’s immediately obvious when the machine needs attention. What’s more, an on-board backup battery retains the memory of the coin configuration when changing the pack.

As with our machines a robust construction and anti-drill locks with unique lock numbers ensure the takings are stored securely.

Our new Duo Curve machines feature a modern design that complements other appliances in the washroom. The E-Mini machines feature a classic, sleek and rectangular design.