Nappy Vending Machines

Our range of electronic and mechanical nappy vending machines enable you to support parents and their children in one of life’s common emergencies.

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We offer two styles of electronic nappy vending machines. The Duo Curve Nappy has a unique and striking shape to complement other washroom appliances while the E-Mini Nappy is a sleek and more traditional rectangular design. Both machines are available with colourful graphics to brighten any washroom or we can create bespoke designs to suit.

All our electronic vending machines allow you to specify multiple coin denominations in your chosen currency with their on-board configuration feature. This allows for greater flexibility with product pricing and a higher maximum vend price. Power is provided by a battery pack that lasts for up to 2 years thanks to clever power saving technology. Low power indicators warn you when it’s time to replace the pack and a backup battery ensures your coin configurations are not lost.

Our mechanical vending machine is a more affordable option. This allows for a single coin denomination in your chosen currency.