Duo Curve Nappy

The Duo Curve Nappy is a variant of our new Duo Curve machine with a striking, curved plastic cabinet designed to complement other appliances in the washroom. Available as either a mechanical or more advanced electronic machine it includes a range of features while providing an alternative visual experience to the more traditional rectangular cabinet. Two colourful graphic panels are available to brighten up any baby changing facility or we can use bespoke designs if preferred.

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Standard Features

  • Stunning plastic cabinet that complements other washroom appliances
  • Adjustable chutes to ensure support for a diverse range of products
  • Worldwide currency options available
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Secure cabinet fitted with anti-drill lock
  • Unique lock numbers for added security
  • Compact design to maximise space
  • Bespoke graphics can be created on request

Electronic Variant

  • Accepts multiple coin denominations in your chosen currency
  • Increased maximum vend price compared to the mechanical alternative
  • Simple on-board price adjustment
  • Eye-catching LED push buttons
  • Sold Out and Low Battery indicators
  • Unique battery extending sleep function
  • 15v long life battery pack – up to 2 years

Mechanical Variant

  • Accepts a single coin denomination in your chosen currency
  • No power source required
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 80 × 45 × 14 cm

14 Towel + 19 Tampon / 22 Nappy packs




15v Battery Operated